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EkoBalans is a cleantech company from Lund. The company was founded in 2008 by Gunnar Thelin, based on his research at Lund University on plant nutrition, nutrient balances in forestry, and ash recycling. During his time as a researcher Gunnar was becoming increasingly concerned about the poor handling of natural resources in the society.

As Gunnar focused on the subject of nutrient rich residues he was amazed by the contradiction between unutilized phosphorus resources in society and the discussions about decreasing phosphorus resources and possible future food shortages.

Gunnar came to the conclusion that it must be possible to find ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable solutions for the recycling of nutrients from wastes. Thus, the problems of diminishing nutrient supplies and excess waste could be solved simultaneously. In addition, it could reduce the risk of soil and water eutrophication. Nutrients just had to be redistributed from where they were a problem to where they were needed. From ash recycling Gunnar turned his attention to sewage treatment plants with large amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen in their residual flows. However, as these flows also contain heavy metals, drug residues, etc., harmful to humans and animals, it is not sustainable to directly use sewage sludge in agriculture. Thus, EkoBalans started to develop processes for separating phosphorus and nitrogen from the harmful substances. The result was high quality, concentrated, 100% recycled fertilizers free of heavy metals and drug residues.

Today, EkoBalans builds and operates facilities based on proprietary patented processes for the extraction of phosphorus and nitrogen from nutrient rich residues. Our vision is to complete the nutrient cycles by closing the loops for nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.