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Complete handling of digestate

Long-range transport of untreated digestate with approx. 95% water is very expensive and it becomes increasingly expensive with increasing diesel prices. With dewatering the amounts and transport costs are reduced, but the nutrient rich reject from the dewatering must be disposed of.

EkoBalans offers complete digestate handling, i.e. both dewatering and reject water treatment. Dewatering and nutrient extraction takes place at the location. Residual water is cleaned to acceptable nutrients concentrations before the release into water recipients.

Benefits for biogas producers
  • Sustainable nutrients recyckling
  • Biogas plant size not limited by maximum economic transport distance for non treated digestate
  • Minimal investment costs for digestate handling
  • Long term predictable costs for digestate handling
  • Complete and sustainable solutions for digestate handling
  • The biogas producer can focus on biogas production