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Eco:P is EkoBalans technology for sustainable resource and cost efficient extraction of phosphorus rich effluents from food industry, biogas production, farms and waste water treatment plants.

EkoBalans efficient eco:P technology, neatly contained in a 40-feet high cube container, can treat up to 300 m3/d with a phosphorus reduction capacity of 90%.

In the eco:P process phosphorus is extracted as struvite, MgNH4PO4*6H2O, as follows:

1. Phosphorus rich water, eg. effluent from dewatered digestate, is passed in to a eco:P plant.
2. Increase of pH in the phosphorus rich water through air stripping
3. Phosphorus precipitates as struvite in a semi-batch reactor process, this with a very short duration time (in comparison with other similar techniques) and with addition of magnesium.
4. Micro crystals of struvite, free from pollutants, are separated by EkoBalans patented technology.
5. The water, now cleaned from phosphorus, passes on to eco:N and the nitrogen extraction, other treatment or to the local waste water treatment plant.
6. Struvite to storage.


The extracted phosphorus is very clean, having no remnants from where it’s precipitated from; with eg cadmium concentrations below the detection limit.

When it comes to cleaning phosphorus rich waters Eco:P very good alternative to phosphorus elimination through iron and aluminum precipitation and phosphorus recycling through spreading of sludge.


Benefits of eco:P

  • Simple and robust process
  • The batch-process enables a high degree of separation at short retention times
  • Short retentions time means smaller precipitation containers and thus a lower footprint
  • The phosphorus containing struvite is extracted as micro crystals which gives good plant availability.
  • As raw material, the struvite micro crystals are excellent, and combined with extra nitrogen and potassium it can substitute conventional not recycled fertilizers.